A platform for new creators, both painters and winemakers.

Satis Dei
Exlusive Art Collection


The project


The Satis Dei wine collection arises from the need to establish creative bridges between the world of artists and winemakers. Satis Dei wines are the result of this artistic collaboration that highlights the more cultural side of wines.

The wines were made with wine from IGP Tierra de Castilla since the quality of this region is universally known, both for its wines made from native varieties and for those made with foreign varieties that have been exceptionally acclimatized in this powerful land. .


The artists

We select from several options of young artists, three works that represent sensations related to the world of wine.


The oenologist

The selected paintings were shared with our youngest and most talented winemakers to complete the wines by selecting the most suitable blends for each work.



Satis Dei

The best strains, the best grapes and the best young artists to fill your glass with beauty and flavor.

Exclusive Art Collection

A platform for new creators, both painters and winemakers.


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