Satis Dei Tempranillo

The work

The young Argentine artist Mauricio Lencina, has shared his painting Illogical Forms # 12 from his 2020 collection to complement an exceptional creation by our youngest and most talented winemakers. Painting and wine seem to arise from an analogous intuition in which the combination of varieties is reflected in the powerful contrast of colors.

Our oenologist preferred to make this wine as Vino de la Tierra de Castilla since the quality of this region is universally known, both for its wines made from native varieties and for those made with foreign varieties that have been exceptionally acclimatized in this mighty land. Today the wines of Tierra de Castilla compete with advantage with wines from Chile or Australia, among others.


This excellent rosé wine is elaborated from world renown Tempranillo grapes, carefully selected at the vineyards. Once grapes are harvested and taken to the winery, they are crushed and pressed to obtain the must, which is then taken to stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature of + 10ºC for a few hours in their own skins to achieve its nice delicate color.

Afterwards, the alcoholic fermentation is done at a controlled temperature between + 15ºC and + 17ºC obtaining its pleasantly fruity aromas, so characteristic of these grapes.

Tasting Notes

Appearance: Excellent rosé wine with pale rose and tones.

Nose: Its aroma reminds of red fruits such as cherries and raspberries, and some tropical notes as well.

Palate: It is pleasantly fresh, smooth and balanced, with a fine touch of acidity.

Denomination: I:G.P. Tierra de Castilla

Satis Dei

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