The maximum expression of the union of wine and art.

Satis Dei
Exclusive Art Collection


Satis Dei is a cultural coupage between the world of art and the world of oenology.

Satis Dei Exclusive Art Collection is a platform for new artists that promotes co-creation between painters and winemakers. The artists’ works inspired winemakers to create wines with all the personality necessary to make each one of them a masterpiece.

The wines in the collection are from the IGP Tierra de Castilla, recognized for the quality of both its native and foreign varieties.

Satis Dei Illogical Forms # 2

This abstract work from the Satis Dei collection uses the dripping technique with contrasting colors. The piece helps to understand the voluptuousness of the wine on the palate provided by the varieties used: Syrah and Garnacha.

Satis Dei Illogical Forms # 4

Abstract shapes and intense colors are the protagonists of this piece. This Satis Dei wine is made with I.G.P. Wine from Tierra de Castilla, which provides great quality due to its great potential. Its 100% Merlot variety gives it spicy aromas.

Satis Dei Illogical Forms # 5

This piece of art from the Satis Dei collection, with its geometric style, has inspired a wine with aromas of black fruits of the Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties.

Satis Dei Illogical Forms # 8

This abstract piece of art, with its creative and original style and hints of ruby red color, has inspired our Merlot wine. The artist wants his work to come out in a natural way, “without apparent effort, but long meditated and worked on from the inside.”

Satis Dei Illogical Forms # 12

The forms of this work of art, balanced and soft, with pink hues, have inspired our rosé wine from the Tempranillo variety. A fresh wine with hints of acidity.

Satis Dei Illogical Forms # 14

The lilac color with golden details and the abstract shape of this work reminds us of the complex aromas of our white Satis Dei. This wine is of the Cabernet Sauvignon variety.


More than 45 artists participated in the creation of the Satis Dei collection.


More than 75 works were studied to choose the ones that best represented the wines.


5 grape varieties coexist in this range of wines from Tierra de Castilla.


Creations made by our youngest and most talented winemakers.

Satis Dei

The best strains, the best grapes and the best young artists to fill your glass with beauty and flavor.

Exclusive Art Collection

A platform for new creators, both painters and winemakers.


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